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Zoltron is an enigma.

A self proclaimed 80's teenidol, Zoltron's wave hairdo and unique California accent epitomized a certain level of cool, which inevitably paved the way to his modest success as a graphic designer, where in the late 90s he founded the self-titled design company and worked with major label clients like Interscope Records, Geffen, A&E, Universal, Time Warner, as well as music festivals such as Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, New Orleans Jazz Fest, the Bottlerock Festival and others.


His disdain for the record industry and his love for the art of silkscreen printing ended Zoltron's corporate design career.

It was then that he founded the now world renowned sticker printing company, Sticker Robot, where he is currently listed as co-owner and creativedirector.


His true identity unrevealed, Zoltron is best known for his street art, silkscreen poster art and the co-creation of his two children.


Zoltron's unique creations have been spotted from California to Poland, Kamchatka to Irkutzch, Thailand to Tennessee.


His Artwork has been shown in galleries throughout the country, archived by the U.S. Print and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress,

and published in lots of rad books and magazines.


Zoltron currently works with bands like Primus, The Black Keys, Soundgarden, Devo, PJ Harvey, Alice in Chains, The Residents,

Die Antwoord, Faith No More, and The Melvins among others. ∆